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Foundations in Faith (CCRS) Presentation Evening

Presentation of Certificates Diocese of Leeds

Presentation of Certificates Diocese of Leeds

On the evening of the 20th November presentation of certificates was held for the group who have participated in the diocesan Foundations in Faith (CCRS) course during the past two years: 2012-14.

The group, accompanied by family and friends, gathered at Hinsley Hall and were delighted to be joined by Bishop Marcus and Fr Malachy Larkin. A Liturgy of the Word was celebrated in the chapel. This focussed on the theme of teachers and catechists being inspired by God to bear fruit in the lives of others. Bishop Marcus presented everyone with their certificates and praised them for their hard work and dedication in completing the course. The Bishop spoke warmly about the fruit that can grow in people's lives as a result of participating in the Foundations in Faith course and other courses. He went on to say that you can't have 'fruit without roots' and that a course such as this one can help to develop the roots of our faith. After photos were taken the group moved to the lounge at Hinsley Hall for refreshments.

Sadly not all of the group were able to be present and the photo shows Gemma Coulson, Sophie Culliney, Susan Emmett, Matthew Harris, Frances Robinson & Anna Siemazsco.