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Ordination to the Priesthood of Rev Sean Crawley

Ordination to the Priesthood of Rev Sean Crawley

Ordination to the Priesthood of Rev Sean Crawley

The City of Leeds is proud when it can claim something it does or stands for is a ‘first’. However on Saturday, July 25th it was the Cathedral that was in the spot light.

Into a full Cathedral there came a procession of the clergy from all over the World among them Four Brother Bishops. The occasion was the Ordination of Sean Crawley who for the past years had being studying at the English College in Rome. The former Bishop of Leeds, Most Rev Arthur Roche, (now an Archbishop) had returned from Rome where he now lives and works, also present was the Bishop Emeritus of Leeds, Rt Rev David Konstant, along with Bishop Nicholas Hudson who was the Rector of the English College when Sean first started at the College, but now works and lives in London. At the opening of the Mass, Bishop Marcus Stock, who was the main celebrant welcomed everyone and explained who they all were.

The theme of ‘firsts’ the Bishop referred to in his Homily – in that this was the first Ordination he had done in the Cathedral, so the candidate from Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish, Leeds, had plenty to remember about his Ordination day. The Bishop also used the Homily to speak directly to Sean about how he should conduct himself and to outline what the future would hold for him …….'

That ministry of Christ the Servant is the foundation of the Sacrament of Holy Orders. It is the spiritual pavement on which Christ continues to kneel to wash the feet of his disciples; the base of the altar on which he offers the sacrifice of his life for the world; the steady ground on which all his teaching is given; and, the rock, the compass point which he gives to us as the model of all leadership and governance in his Church…….

Modelling himself on the Servant Lord, a priest should not, and must not, expect to shepherd his flock simply on the authority of his ministry or the office that he holds. It is the integrity of the witness that he gives to the Gospel, the simplicity of the life which he leads, the gentleness with which he ministers to his people, the ardent love which he shows for those he is called to serve, the welcome and mercy he shows to the repentant, the comfort and solace he gives to those in sickness, pain and grief, the tenderness of his call to those who stray; these will be the most eloquent aspects of his teaching, the most effective methods of his leadership and the surest authority of his ministry and Office…….'

Once the ceremonies had ended people gathered round Fr Sean for photographs, then his family and friends took light refreshments in the Cathedral Hall